October 3, 2007

Expedition: MEXICO

On December 12, I, along with my climbing partner, Scott Hurst, will embark on a 12-day expedition to climb the 3rd highest peak in North America, Pico de Orizaba. At 18,701 feet above sea level, base camp on Pico is nearly 1,000 feet higher than the summit of Mt. Rainier. Only Mt. Logan and Mt. McKinley surpass Pico in height.

Joining our expedition are Doug Mason, Bill Lewis and Jeff Hopkin, M.D. All three were a part of our hugely successful Mt. Rainier climb in July 2006. This expedition marks a milestone for Scott and I - both in altitude (it will be the highest either of us has been to this point) as well it is a marker in our personal progression to summit some of the worlds highest peaks.

To give you some idea of what goes into planning an expedition of this magnitude, stay posted for updates on everything from physical training to logistics and strategy planning!

For more information on Pico, visit http://www.summitpost.com/ and click on "mountains and rocks" then enter "Pico de Orizaba".


Anonymous said...

I love your pics, keep them coming.

Mallory-Westmark said...

I really like your blog. My husband thinks that the design looks good.

Garon Miskin said...

Thanks for leaving some comments guys!!

Stay posted for more about the Mexico expedition and additional fun STUFF!

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