February 8, 2011

Days Like These...

Breathe in the crisp air of the alpine canyons and the smell of pines, buried under a thick blanket of soft, white snow.  Feel the sunshine warming your back and tune into the distinctive ring of your tools sinking into the ice.  Your heart races and your whole body thrills with the synchronizing of harmony in nature.  This is the appeal of ice climbing. And days like these I really do feel like I could change the world!

Not only were these ice climbs extremely fun, but many were first ascents put up by my good friend, Dean Lords. As much fun as the climbing is...the good friendships enjoyed along the way are probably the best reason to slog out to another great dagger of ice!

Check out the video and feel inspired!

The Ultimate Expedition

We take many side trips during our journey through life, but remember, your life is unique and the outcome each day is up to you. Find greatness every step of the way as you undertake the ultimate expedition - your life!